Topical focus

Technology, cultural contact, human-environment interaction, identity


Ceramic analysis, petrography, ethnoarchaeology, spatial analysis 

Regional scope

The archaeology and material culture of prehistoric and early-historic East and Central Asia, focusing on the Chinese border regions, especially Western China



Co-PI (with Christopher Foster) for "Understanding Authenticity in China's Cultural Heritage." University of Oxford.


PI for Research Project on "Excavating Prehistoric China in Present-Day Sweden: Unlocking Forgotten Treasures in the Museum of Far Eastern Antiquities (MFEA), Stockholm." In collaboraiton with the MFEA and Stockholm University.


Co-PI for "POTS - Pottery Origins and the Transformation of Societies: Study of the Emergence and Spread of Ceramics across North East Asia." With Thibaut Devièse. Fell-Funded (EBD00130) Project in Northeast China and Oxford.


Editor and Co-Creator (with Andrew Womack) of the China Ceramic Petrography Database.


Team Member and Survey Coordinator at Tao River Archaeology Project (TRAP); Project Director: Prof. Rowan Flad, Harvard University (TRAP 2017)


PI for a Research Project on “Homogeneity in form, diversity in technique or vice versa? – Ceramic traditions in Neolithic and Bronze Age Northern China”, Fell-Funded (EBD00020Ö) Project in Stockholm and China


Co-PI for NSF-Funded Project on Human Response to High Altitude Environmental Change on the Eastern Rim of the Tibetan Plateau (NSF #1632207), in Collaboration with the Sichuan Provincial Institute of Archaeology and the University of Washington State, Pullmann


Co-PI for the Ethnoarchaeological Field Project on Ethnic Identity and Yi-Han Relations in Zhaojue, Southwest China, in Collaboration with Sichuan University


Co-Organizer and Instructor at Field School at Yangguanzhai, China, Director: Ye Wa, Co-Director: Lothar von Falkenhausen, June 16-July 20, 2013


Co-Organizer and Teaching Assistant at Field School at Yangguanzhai, Director: Ye Wa, Co-Director: Lothar von Falkenhausen, June 17-July 21, 2012

2010 (Oct.-Dec.)

Participant and Trench Supervisor during Surveys and Excavations in the Liangshan Area, Sichuan, China, with the Archaeological Institute Chengdu

2009 (Sept.-Nov.)

Trench Supervisor at Excavation Project at Tell Halaf, Syria, by the Museum of the Ancient Near East, Berlin, the University of Tübingen, the University of Halle-Wittenberg, and the Museum of Damascus

2008 (Dec.)

Participant in the Chengdu Plain Archaeological Survey Project, China, a Cooperative Project of Various Chinese and American Research Institutions

2007 (July)

Participant in the Jinsha Excavation Project, China, by the Archaeological Research Institute of Chengdu

2007 (Jan.)

Trench Supervisor at the Excavation Project at Wucheng, China, conducted by the Archaeological Research Institute of Jiangxi

2005 (Sept.-Oct.)

Trench Supervisor at Excavation Project at Rullstorf, Germany, conducted by the State Bureau for the Protection of Monuments


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